The 21th Annual PBA

Thursday October 11, 2018

Game Time 7:00

Noshing Commences @ 6:15 PM
Main Course Provided - Salads, Sides and Desserts
will be appreciated!  It's for Charity!
Hosted by Jeanne Baseman
& Chris Wang









Rodef Shalom - Oakland

Click Here for Map


Proceeds Benefit:
 Circle Camps for Grieving Children. 

Circle Camps for Grieving children is for girls ages 9-15 that have lost a parent.  There is a week long summer camp program that integrates grief activities with other summer camp activities.  There are 3 locations, one in Maine, and two in Morgantown, WV.  The Circle EKC sub organization is non sectarian and is just for one of the camps in Morgantown. 

 A video of the Maine camp can be viewed at

Contributions of Sides, Salads, or Desserts appreciated! 

Please Coordinate
June Threlkeld
Ruthie Neafach


Pick a Pro: $30 Donation (Paid by the AM) See the list, below.

Or, play with whomever you wish: $30 Donation /pair*  

Additional Cash Donations Welcomed & Encouraged!
*Regular Partnerships not eligible to "Win" the event ... but are eligible for masterpoints
Call Jeanne Baseman: 412-889-2538 to get hooked up!
Or email:
Players in RED are Available. 
Players in BLUE are Taken.
Masterpoints may not be totally updated!
117764Reanette Frobouck
213731Gail Carns
313564Richard Katz
410291Bernard Fudor
59560Asim Ulke
69519Jan Assini
79307Mary Paulone Carns
88924Herbert Sachs
98143Judy Haffner
107450Arlene Port
117422Jane Marshall
127223Kenneth Bergman
136701Robert Quinlan
146295Harold Haffner
155623Frank Cymerman
164879Patricia Katz
174547Fred Schenker
184448Judi Sonon
194417Barbara Belardi
204362Paul Caplan
214119Padmanabha Prabhu
223961Catherine Caplan
233935Donald Averbach
243650Trudy Cohn
253639Richard Finberg
263410David Frohlich
273399Ernie Retetagos
282734Marcella Retetagos
292582William Lindgren
302489Craig Biddle
312486Leroy Hackenberg II
322369Jenny Janitor
332306Robert Zimmermann
342248Christopher Wang
352212Kenneth Eichler
362191James Quigley
372061Philip Goulding
381984Jack Hawthorne
391960Frances Prus
401906Jean Picone
411843Russell Sheldon
421838Thomas Jolly Jr
431796Darlene Mannheimer
441774Sandra Brand
451741Marjorie Mazer
461698Marilyn Burke
471642Annemarie Gordon
481599Steven Nolan
491572Barbara Horowitz
501569Sue Golier
511523Dennis Pittman
521511Peter Howell
531374Judit Bardi
541357Lorraine Hanna
551342Patricia Anders
561144Alan Leaver
571068Kathleen Mulligan
581052Richard Zack